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Blade and Soul\\\'s PVE Build and Guide

Here is a lightning crash + perma stealth build for PVE you should know. Assassin is a very powerful class in Blade & Soul gold. It has a lot of control and damage abilities, but is lack of counter attack and defense skills, so how to play well this class in PVE and PvP? 

Level 34 Assassin Stealth PVE Build, then change to Level 45 assassin build.

Heart Stab: Tier4 Form1

Venom Pierce: Tier4 Form1

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Name Reservation in Blade and Soul

posted by powerlevelingmall 10 months ago under name reservation

Different from other MMOs focused on magic and fantasy, Blade and Soul Gold will be releasing in North America and Europe on January 19th. Players can get a head start, however, and begin reserving their in-game character names today.

Bns gold is a Korean martial arts MMO that utilizes fighting as its predominant source of leveling up. 


Name Reservation for Disciple and Master Founder's Pack owners begins January 11, 2016 at 7pm CET for the Blade and Soul's European servers, and 6pm PST for North American servers. When Name Reservation begins you'll be allowed to log in, and servers for your region will be available to create characters on. Please be aware of which region you're logging in to from the drop down on the launcher.


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The Method that Rep Up Quickly in NBA 2K16(II)

posted by powerlevelingmall 11 months ago under nba 2k16 rep up quickly

1. If you just keep steady pressure all game he'll miss a few, thats all we need. WE dont need a block. For those of you who average .6 blocks per game, yet you try to block the ball 158 times per game, its freaking stupid. Stop. If hes shooting a jumper just run up to him. Eventually hell miss if you do that.

Also every time you try to block, you are not rebounding. Forget 1 block, get 10 rebounds. When you attempt to block you dont rebound.

2. Pay the most attention to teh defenders. I make so many assists to players on teh othe rside of the court that i cant see, because i can see the defenders so i know that wherever the guy is hes wide open. The sooner you make the pass the higher his percentage

3. The catch and shoot still has to be an on time pass. If you are the shooter and a guy drives and kicks, if he passes too late youll miss. If he drives and kicks while hes still running its a good shot. if he drives, then gets stopped, then passes, you are much more likely to miss

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The Skills Guides of Attack, Defend And Fancy in FIFA 16

Pay more attention to operating tips during the game, for the players to share the following gameplay tips. FIFA 16 challenges in a lot of players want to reach Season D1. Here are some informations about it which is from fut16coin.


We are not satisfied for FIFA 16, there are many passing mistakes and so people do not worry, just start the game often draw the two sides various mistakes, even with all the basic unlikely. cheap FIFA coins excessive consumption, but also often Houwei Mo failure to send the name and so single-handedly. But no way, players who love the game of football and, since there was no change in the game system, it can only slowly adapt.



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posted by powerlevelingmall 11 months ago under fifa 16 totw 14 predictions

Here is FIFA 16 TOTW 14 predictions, including Cuadrado, Lahm, Hernandez, Icardi and Henderson!  What are good players will finalists in the FIFA 16 TOTW 14? Who will be the best FIFA 16 points investment player of the week?

Player Performance

Cuadrado:1 goal 1 assist in 3-1 win v Fiorentina

Fabinho:1 penalty in 1-0 win v Saint Etienne

Hummels:1 goal in 4-1 comeback win v Frankfurt

Lahm:1 goal in 2-0 win v Ingolstadt

Rossettini:1 goal in 1-0 away win v Genoa

Horn:penalty save + 5 saves in 1-1 comeback away draw v Bremen

Itandje:penalty save + 14 saves in 3-0 win v Trabzonspor

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Team of the Week about FIFA 16 Ultimate Team?

This collection of players is available to challenge in FUT. Each week FIFA Ultimate Team assembles the best players from international and club competition around the world.  If you want to increase your team you can use your fifa 16 account.

Javi Martinez’s 69th-minute goal was the match winner as Bayern Munich left the Veltins-Arena with a 1-3 victory over Schalke 04. This win coupled with Borussia Dortmund’s loss the night before extended Bayern’s lead in the Bundesliga to eight points.

On Sunday, Harry Kane had two goals as Tottenham Hotspur comfortably defeated West Ham United 4-1. In 13 league games this season, the 22-year-old has eight goals, while Spurs sit in fifth place, two points behind Arsenal and Manchester United.

Starting XI

GK: Steve Man

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Buy Archeage Power Leveling with Discount Code

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As a professional online game supporter, we are dedicated in offer you the best ArcheAge power leveling in the most reasonable price. You can enjoy a 24/7 service in our store. Also, our fast delivery speed and various payment methods will offer you a better buying experience.

You can not only purchase ArcheAge orders with fast delivey and lowest price, but also know the latest and hot ArcheAge online news, ArcheAge Guide, Build and some funny things in ArcheAge and our store. Knowing all races and factions fast and easy, classes gameplay and skills will watch by our original and hot

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Warlords of Draenor: Beasts of a savage land

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Refer to:


Zone previews have become an expected and anticipated facet of the news surrounding Warlords of Draenor, and now mob previews are being added to that mix. The first of them highlights some fearsome new creatures--some familiar, some not--that are to be found in Shadowmoon Valley. The hulking, rocky-skinned Riverbeasts are reminiscent of hippopotamuses, with their square snouts, pillar-like feet, and bad attitude. Podlings are creepy-cute evil flowers that will forever haunt my nightmares, and of course, the elekk should be familiar to anyone who's ever played a draenei--though these new models are definitely a step up in intimidation. Draenor ancients are tree-based forest guardians, the draenic equivalents of the t

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Powerlevelingmall is an professional Archeage Power Leveling mall online

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Powerlevelingmall is a professional and mature power leveling team Which has been providing power leveling service for 7 years. We support Archeage power leveling and other HOT games. We are 100% Manual Power leveling for 24 hours a day, Your account can get max of safeguard and 100% Postive Feedback on Powerlevelingmall. This Service Belong The US and EURO Server!

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Customers can customize personalized ArcheAge powerleveling schedules. All orders will be started and finished on time as we promised. All things in your accounts and loots will be kept

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In 2014,

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Buy Archeage Power Leveling Package Notice

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We try our best to provide our customer competitive, affordable and fair price Archeage Power leveling. We know the account security is very important to customers choosing right website, so we are strive to off the most secure and cheap to you. We advocate healthy, secure and responsible secondary market practices. We also stretches the boundaries of MMOGs by offering gamers a secure network where they can exchange, buy and sell virtual assets and currency around the clock. Trust us, buy ArcheAge Power Leveling now from us, and just choose success!

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